For our first blog, I wanted to introduce you to another local company that shares our same passion for boating – Barnacle Systems Inc., the makers of the award-winning boat security and monitoring system, BRNKL. BRNKL allows boat owners to check in on their boat from anywhere in the world from their smartphone, tablet or computer. Like a “home security system for your boat”, boat owners can see inside their boat using an on-board camera while monitoring critical alerts from their boat such as battery voltages, bilge activity, shore power connection, heel, pitch, impact, temperature, humidity, GPS plus so much more. With BRNKL’s global cellular plan, it doesn’t matter where you or your boat are in the world, you have access to it anytime, anywhere.

After meeting BRNKL’s Sales Manager, Sean Battistoni, it was evident that there was a great “fit” between the two companies and as such, Bayside Diesel and Marine has signed on as a Dealer of BRNKL and its full range of Accessories. Not only are we a Dealer, but we are also a Certified BRNKL Installer. We can take care of all of your BRNKL needs from initial consultation to completed system install.

In today’s world, being “connected” is so important to all of us. Why not invest in a product that will keep you connected to one of your most valued possessions.

BRNKL’s mission is to “re-invent the way boaters check on their boat” and we feel that they have definitely achieved this. Have a look at their demo BRNKL app at and see for yourself!