Heating & Cooling Systems

Ensure proper working of your boat’s heating and cooling systems to prevent heavy damage!

“My boat is not overheating or producing smoke so why do I need cooling system maintenance and repair services when I only use it for 500 hours?”

This is a very common question that customers ask about their boats.

Why You need Cooling System Maintenance and Repair Services?

Maintenance of your cooling system is necessary to maintain its efficiency and prevent any big damage. The cooling system service is also referred to as “1000Hr or 3200hr Service”.

Our Cooling System Services

There are numerous components of the cooling system, which should be maintained to keep hoses as well as clamps in perfect condition. Our expert technician checks your vessel for chafing or cracks in hoses and for any signs of damage due to age and service life. We are specialists in dealing with cooling system maintenance and repairs for all makes and models of boats.

There can be a few risks that can lead to damage of your vessel’s cooling system:

  • The deposits from sea water get stuck on the water jacket and on the closed seawater side of the cooling system.
  • Anti-freeze deteriorate and releases energy
  • Water mixes with coolant and results in its dilution and addition of debris.

Our cooling system service includes maintenance of heat exchanger, fuel cooler, power steering, oil cooler, cooled seawater exhaust riser and, in few cases, seawater engine oil cooler. Maintenance and repair of your vessels cooling system ensures that water properly flows through the engine without affecting its efficiency.

Without proper water flow, the engine operates inefficiently, which results in overheating and leads to significant damages to the engine.