Pre Season & Winterizing

Why Winterization is Necessary?

With the arrival of the winter season, you think of winterizing and storing your boat away to keep it safe from the effects of weather. Winterization is also referred to as ‘long-term storage’ in areas where the climate remains warm. It is necessary to do proper boat winterization to save it from potential damage due to long sitting breaks and cold weather conditions.

Some Common Winterization Mistakes

Many people self-winterize their boats, which is not a good practice and often fails to keep your boat secure and in working condition for the next season. People commonly state the following ways in which they self-winterize their boats:

  • I kept the boat in a heated building
  • I kept it inside my heated garage
  • I kept it inside the cave where it stayed warm

All these practices cannot match our professional pre-season winterization performed by professional boat mechanic. At the beginning of the spring season, we often fix the damaged due to freezing because of power failures in heated space or due to a storm.

Professional Pre-season Winterization: A Cheap Investment to Save More

If you do not get your boat winterized, it can cost you more to fix the problems when the next season arrives. A boat without winterization gets rusted due to the presence of water that sits in it during the winter season storage.

These rust deposits cause blockage of passages, leading to heating of the boat engine. Un-treated fuel can cause serious fuel-related problems. Other problems such as seal failure and gear case damage can also occur.

Our marine pre-season and winterization services can save you lots of money. Our trained and skillful technician provides you with detailed boat winterization services, which help you keep your boat secure and in perfect condition throughout the winter season. You will be ready to experience the fun and enjoy boating with the arrival of the new season.

Our Pre-Season and Winterization Services

Our company offers the following professional pre-season services:

Pre season:
  • Flush cooling system
  • Fuel check
  • Fuel filter change
  • Engine oil change
  • Stern drive oil change
  • Run engine and tune-up
  • Flush engine
  • Check ant-freeze point
  • Fog engine
  • Stabilize fuel
  • Prepare boat for winter storage

Let us keep your boat safe from seasonal damage so that you have the best experience in boating season!